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General Coordination: Leo Paparella
Producer: Hernán Lapegue
Hostess: Carina Monteleone
Date and Time of Premier: Wednesday 00:30 am on América 24
Wednesdays 11:00 am on Metro

Theme: Fashion and Services
Daily Broadcast: Leo Paparella Salons

Leo Paparella created his own TV shows which since 2000 demonstrate through makeovers that there is a right haircut for each type of face and a right hair color for each type of skin color, which for sure will set the real style and personality of the modern woman or man from today.

Leo Paparella TV shows try to guide the audience to discover their tastes and style, therefore, the shows have other news sections that make them an excellent magazine of fashion and services.

They advise our clients and viewers in cutting trends, color, hair style, makeup, clothing, services and information so that women and men of today can learn about the latest news, plus all the national and international trends.

At present we are on the air with a new show on AMERICA 24 signal on tuesday al 00:30 am via channel 2 from Cablevision, channel 3 from Telecentro and channel 719 from Direct TV throughout the country as well as Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, and another new show on wednesday at 11:00 am on METRO signal via channel 3 from Cablevision throughout the country, with a repeat on sunday at 10:00 hs.

These are new and different shows and thank to their releases and repetitions we are allowed to reach millions of households every week.


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